Orthodox Church in America

OCA.org is an important resource for daily spirituality and a way for the Church to communicate to its members.


When designing a site to represent something as important as a person’s faith, it’s critical to design with empathy. And, when working within a large religious organization, it’s also important to know how to manage feedback from internal and external stakeholders.

By basing our visual direction on the Church’s deep well of religious imagery and iconography, we designed an aesthetic that resonates on a spiritual level.

By leading OCA’s website team through a series of workshops focused on building consensus and prioritizing content, we were able to deliver a well-organized, completely responsive site that everyone believed in.

Patterns, Not Pages

“We focused on delivering not only a beautiful design but a full system of responsive layout and interface patterns that could be remixed and reused to grow with the Church’s continuous output of new and regularly-updated content.”

John Mears, Designer John Mears Designer

The designers at Simple Focus are a project manager’s dream. From the first day we hired them, they showed up ready to work. They took our goals seriously, and brought clarity and focus to our web project.

Our project was unique; OCA.org hadn’t been significantly redesigned since the ’90s and it was a complex brew of links and buried resources. We were starting over with everything, from our fonts and colors, to our navigation.

Simple Focus’ well-run planning sessions propelled us forward. John and JD asked questions and then they listened; it was never about them and their agenda. They always brought the conversation back to who we were as an institution, and what we wanted to do with our new site. Simple Focus took our diffuse expectations and helped us frame concrete, achievable web goals. If that wasn’t good enough, John and JD delivered on time and on budget.

Our stakeholders are raving about our “clean, attractive, navigable” site and our mobile users are elated with how the flexible SF design displays. So what’s there not to like about Simple Focus? We can’t think of a thing.

Virginia Nieuwsma
Project Manager

Building on the foundation of interface modules and page systems, the OCA web team continues to thrive without help from us.

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