Visual Designer

  • Memphis
  • Portland
  • Chattanooga

Simple Focus is looking to add an experienced visual designer to our team.

We’re looking for a capital-D Designer. Some days, this person should be able to flick their wrist and make a handful of pretty designs in an afternoon. That’s a thing that happens.

But at your best, we want you to elevate a thoughtful, intuitive interaction into a gorgeous experience. You should be intimately familiar with existing interactive design patterns and able to apply them when appropriate and break them when it’s time to push boundaries.

We get excited when we have work to share and we hope you can, too. As a designer, you’ll present your work to internal teams and clients, selling your concepts with enthusiasm and using all the right design words.

Design is a craft that’s difficult and constantly evolving. We will push you and we expect you to push us. We hope you’re ready to learn and to teach, too.

It’s going to be your job to see and understand the guardrails and then politely ignore limitations. It’d be neat if you can code, but it’s not a must. Just know how things work and a little bit about what’s possible.

We offer full health insurance, retirement and a total of six weeks off per year. We’re currently leaning heavily towards hiring in Memphis and Chattanooga, but if you’re in Portland, drop us a line anyway. These are three rad towns, so it’s a pretty sweet deal.

If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to meet you. Send us links to your work and a resume that tells your story. We’re really interested in your design chops, but Codepens and Github contributions are also fun if you’ve got ‘em. Case studies are our favorite.


  • A hawt design portfolio
  • Can work collaboratively with a team of highly trained weirdos
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Why Simple Focus?

We’re a team of designers, coders, writers and researchers that understands how businesses run and people live–and that includes ourselves. We believe in working hard, having fun and looking out for each other.