Dominion Marine Media

Dominion Marine Media isn’t a household name, but if you’re a boater, it’s likely you’ve used one of its three websites to shop or research.

While each one of DMM’s sites – Boat Trader, YachtWorld and – exists to connect boat shoppers with sellers, each brand has its own audience and unique challenges.

Boat Trader

Boat Trader is an American boating website that had a loyal following, but lacked personality.

Boat Trader
Boat Trader

YachtWorld is an upscale shopping destination for sailors and yachters around the world that's personality, functionality and design didn't match its sophisticated clientele.

YachtWorld is an international boating site that was a bit adrift and lacked brand definition.

Boat Trader

Our Process

We followed the same workflow for each of the sites, which gave us the opportunity to work with DMM’s team to continuously refine our process.

User Research

We started each site's redesign by conducting surveys and interviews with its customers and potential customers and compiling the numerical and anecdotal data to get a complete idea of who each brand’s customers are. Then, we used the data to create personas for users at each stage of the boat buying process.

"During our research process, we surveyed and interviewed more than 2400 boaters. It gave us a huge amount of insight into who DMM's customers are so that we could design sites that they would love to use.

By surveying users several times during the redesign process, we were able to validate our decisions with data every step of the way."

Kerry Crawford Kerry Crawford Content Strategist

Voice & Tone

We worked hand-in-hand with the team at Dominion Marine Media to establish the voice and tone for each brand, giving content creators the tools they need to create good, consistent content.

As part of our final deliverable, we created a documentation toolbox for each brand that includes voice and tone, content strategy, and guides to interactions for each site redesign.

Boat Trader


To facilitate the design process and calibrate our visual vocabulary, we created moodboards for each brand. Leading the Dominion Marine Media team through our moodboard excercise helped us understand how they, as stakeholders, interpreted their different brands.

After the moodboard workshops, we created several possible homepage designs, which were sent to Boat Trader users via survey for feedback. The knowledge we gained from the design research and moodboard workshop informed the final design.

The designs are reflective of our brands' voice and tone, and every design element is backed by data and feedback from our consumers.

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