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Simple Focus started as a small team of designers who could code. Since 2009, our squad has expanded to include developers, researchers, strategists, writers and project managers. While we have different skill sets, backgrounds and musical tastes, we’re all passionate about serving our clients and doing beautiful work.

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JD Graffam


As Simple Focus's founder and owner, JD sets the vision for the business, builds relationships with our partners, and mentors our team.

He is a nationally recognized user experience expert, author, speaker and writer, and he loves helping others in our industry learn from how we do things. In addition to Simple Focus, JD owns more than 10 profitable businesses.

When he's not at Simple Focus, speaking, or serving on several philanthropic and university boards, JD likes to work out and spend time at home with his wife and three young children. His favorite emoji is the muscle arm.

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Patrick McNeely

Vice President of Experience

Patrick is a user experience expert who oversees the work we do at Simple Focus and keeps our team focused on optimizing usability in everything we do. He also makes sure our team is happy and fulfilled, while pushing us to do our best work (which he’s great it, because he used to be a UI designer). As our resident Cool Dad, Patrick plays in two bands and has a preternatural talent for racquet sports.

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Matthew Washburn

Vice President of Operations

Matt helps us keep our promises to clients by overseeing current projects and making sure the right people are working on the right things. He has a keen eye for finding opportunities where Simple Focus can help businesses and organizations solve problems and makes sure clients have a great experiences while working with us. Outside of work, he volunteers with Creative Works and runs a Twitter account dedicated to naming fish after country music stars.

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John Mears

Director of Creative Services

John leads all aspects of our user experience and design work, overseeing the quality of our work and challenging our designers to learn and grow. In addition to being a talented UX/UI designer, John is a brilliant fine artist who makes really good buttermilk biscuits.

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Kerry Crawford

Director of Research and Strategy

Kerry is responsible for setting and guiding strategy for our projects, running our user research and overseeing the quality of our content work. Outside of Simple Focus, she hoards books, teaches ESL and enjoys jumping off of things while wearing roller skates.