After high-profile appearances on Shark Tank, QVC and the Discovery Channel, PhoneSoap's founders asked us to overhaul their website to handle the growing demand for their products. mobile and desktop screenshots.

We partnered with PhoneSoap to develop an entirely new e-commerce site, built in Shopify, that featured custom illustrations, advanced animation techniques, and most importantly, a user-friendly checkout flow designed to increase conversions.

As PhoneSoap was still in the process of developing its look and feel, we started the project by coming up with three mobile-first design explorations, each taking the brand in a different creative direction.

Why PhoneSoap?

PhoneSoap solves an important problem, but it’s one not everyone is familiar with. We designed and developed a landing page that succinctly explained, with animated illustrations, PhoneSoap’s unique value proposition.

Product-Centric Design

PhoneSoap is a sleek, attractive device. We looked to Apple for inspiration on how to feature the product’s features and show off its beautiful form factor. What resulted was a scrolling 3D fly-around that elevated PhoneSoap from “As Seen On TV” kitsch to high-end technology product.

Our customer service team loves the ease of use of our new website on the front and back end. Our customers are understanding our products more fully and having a much better experience purchasing. It is rewarding to work with a company that delivers on what we set out to accomplish and also takes pride in their work to go above and beyond.

Dan Barnes Founder, PhoneSoap
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Content Strategy
E-commerce Design
Responsive Design
E-Commerce Development