makes one of our favorite pieces of software: an application that lets web designers and developers test their work in multiple browsers across dozens of devices.

Getting Started

While had built a great product, they were having trouble converting customers from their marketing site. We started by redesigning the homepage, header and footer to make the site more appealing to CBT's core audience, designers.

Designing a
Better Experience

Our next step was a complete visual and user experience overhaul of the application itself. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the team at CrossBrowserTesting to continously release updates that simplify and enhance the application, making it beautiful and easy to use.

Live testing is the heart and soul of We were tasked with helping users get started as quickly and easily as possible. With hundreds of possible combinations of browsers, operating systems and plugins to choose from, starting a new test (or resuming a previous one) couldn’t be easier. Live Testing

Moving Forward

After our work on CBT’s interface, we shifted our focus to breathing new life into their marketing site, refocusing their branding to be friendlier and more accessible. Screenshots

"I consider myself lucky to have the chance to work with a group of people who deeply believe in the product they are building."

Brian Earwood, Designer Brian Earwood Designer

We continue to work with the team at as an integrated partner, iterating on their product with each release.

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