United States Air Force

When the Air Force was looking for ways to to improve customer experience and reduce costs, they hired us to redesign the interface for the Air Force Personnel Center.

Together we created valuable, long-lasting brand perception
through better user experience.

The Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) is a self-help portal, which is used by all current and retired Airmen to manage their benefits and personnel data. The AFPC was viewed poorly by its customers because it was slow, disorganized and hard to use. Busy Airmen in the field preferred to pick up the phone than use the portal to find information.

Plan of Attack

We used eye tracking and usability testing to research the existing site’s pain points. Then, we worked to overhaul the site’s navigation, content, design and user interface.

United Sates Air Force Personnel Center

The results were incredible.

Saved time

Saved time

The average time it took a customer to complete a task shrank tenfold - from 20 minutes to two minutes.

Increased traffic

Increased traffic

More airmen turned to the website to manage their personnel data, decreasing the need for call center staff and increasing weekly utilization from 180,000 hits to 2 million hits.

Improved customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction

The Personnel Center's customer satisfaction score rose from poor to very good, and the Air Force was able to meet its goal of improving their service while reducing costs.

Comments from the field tell us that our efforts are much appreciated. They say, ‘Thank you for finally changing your site and making it useful.’

Captain Michelle Richards
Helix Business Solutions RightNow (Oracle CX)

Simple Focus worked alongside RightNow (now called Oracle CX) and Helix Business Solutions to rework the AFPC.

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